FotoFest 2014

As a full-time, professional photographer, I use my camera to support my needs for food and shelter.  This has always been done in the form of event photography and portrait photography.  While very rewarding, typically event photos and portraits do NOT qualify as ‘art’.  As such, I’ve never had the opportunity to participate in an artistic photography exhibition.

Well, all of that changes this coming Saturday night, March 15th at 6:00pm when I host a reception for my FotoFest 2014 solo exhibit.  FotoFest is the oldest and largest photography exhibit in the United States.  It runs for 6 weeks from March 15th through April 26th and is held in hundreds of different venues across the City of Houston.  My solo exhibit will be held at the Havens Center at 1827 West Alabama and is literally right next door to the Chocolate Bar.

I have become involved in a flight training school over the past year as a partner in the business.  Part of my involvement has been to learn to fly small aircraft.  I have been a little uneasy about flying in small aircraft and I found myself really looking closely at all moving parts of the plane during pre-flight inspections due to this uneasiness.  It was at these moments that I noticed how all the small pieces work together to keep us in the air.  So, I used a Canon 100mm Macro lens to do a complete study of these small pieces and the resulting exhibit is titled Aloft: AeroMacro.

Please join us at the Havens Center on Saturday night at 6pm for martinis, food, people watching and some unique art.  Hope to see you all there!

While we’ve been busy with hundreds of headshots and a few portrait sessions in the new year, Spring has snuck up on us.  That means several things – time to shop for new swimwear, time to put the coats into storage, time to take the top off the Jeep and time to start finalizing plans for that event you’re in charge of.  In the past two weeks alone, we’ve photographed 5 events (one on a Monday!).

It takes time, energy and lots of effort to create an awesome event.  You pour your soul into making an event perfect for the honorees and for the guests.  Don’t leave the photography to an amateur – especially one who got a “great new Canon Rebel” as a Christmas gift.  Preserve the memories in an impactful and awesome manner by calling us to photograph your event.  We’ve photographed hundreds of Houston events since 2006 and you’ve probably seen our photos in media such as CultureMap, the Chronicle and in so many other online sites we can’t even count them.

Take a look at the event we shot last night at the Galveston Artillery Club to get an idea on how your event could be preserved forever.  A couple of our favorite shots are below in case you don’t have time to see the whole batch.  Give us a call on our studio phone or email us to reserve your date on our photography calendar.  Don’t snooze, the clock is ticking and our calendar fills fast!

Professional Portraits

So, I’ve had my say recently about some people using less than adequate headshots.  While I encourage everyone to find the time for a professional headshot, sometimes you need a little more than a headshot.  If you find yourself starting a business, joining a new firm or embarking upon a career change, having a good set of professional portraits can really help set you apart.  Headshots show the world what you look like, but professional portraits can show people just how powerful a business person you can be.  They set you apart from others in the same arena and can make a statement based on your pose, attire or location.

Take a look at a few photos from a recent professional photo shoot we did here at STP Images.  These came out beautifully and will help Kim in her move and career change.  Call or email us today to book YOUR professional photo shoot.


Have you ever taken a good look at the photos of your friends on LinkedIn or Facebook?  I do this on a regular basis and I am astounded at the number of people using horrible bathroom mirror selfies or event photos with a drink and friends cropped out.  Come on people!  Is that the image you really want to show the world?  In an instant, potential employers, clients and even potential dates can make a decision about whether to hire (or date) you based on what they see in the first few seconds of pulling your social media info.  Don’t be that guy/girl.

Give us a call at STP Images Photography Studio and let’s set up a headshot session or even a business executive portrait session to show the world what a mover and shaker you really are.  Even if you’re not, we can sure make you LOOK like you are.

Take a look at a few of the natural light headshots we’ve taken in just the past couple of weeks.  Check your calendar, give us an hour, and we’ll improve your professional and personal stature!  Call us at STP Images today.

I hope you gather from the title that we’re doing a TON of headshots.  We are and we want to help you with yours!

Whether you ask us to come to your place of business and photograph the entire office one at a time or whether you come to our studio to have a single ‘one-off’ headshot taken for your personal use, you need to come see us at STP Images Photography Studio.  We make you look great and you’ll love your headshots.  We’ve taken nearly 1,000 headshots of Houston professionals over the past 18 months and we’d love to show you why.  Call us or email us and we’ll make you look your professional best.

Take a look at a few of our recent clients and come add your “head” to the mix!  We hope to hear from you soon!

A few months ago, I got a call from Jane about a new business that she and her business partner were opening.  They had just moved to Houston from Corpus Christi and were building out a new orthodontics office in southwest Houston.  The construction was nowhere near completed, but she was shopping to get rates and capabilities for photographers who could do both the interior space of the new office PLUS headshots and portraits of the two doctors.  After showing her some of our past work and discussing the logistics, Jane booked us to come shoot.  The only catch, was that we needed to wait until the buildout of the office space was completed prior to shooting.

We waited until two weeks ago when we got the call to schedule the shoot date.  We scheduled a Monday morning shoot at their Highway 6 office.  The space, however, was not quite done with the millwork, but we opted to keep the date to shoot the headshots and the portraits to enable them to get their website up and running.  We will reschedule the interior shoot later in August.

Take a look at a few of our favorites from the session.  Give us at call at STP Images to book your professional portrait or executive headshot session.  We are booking fall sessions now, so let us help you with your online professional image before winter gets here.  Call today!



At STP Images Photography Studio, we focus on portraits and events, but we also have a thriving commercial side to our business.  While we don’t typically post our commercial work here, I thought the past three commercial shoots we completed to have had some really cool images.

Lots of our work is published monthly in Houston Modern Luxury Magazine.  One of our recent commercial shoots was for a client of the magazine.  We were asked to shoot the interior and some food images for the Brooklyn Athletic Club.  If you’ve not dined there yet, give it a shot.  They are located on Richmond Avenue just two blocks from midtown.  Just make sure you have a reservation on the weekend!

I have also done a litany of headshots for the consulting firm Wipro.  After about three years and over 30 individuals photographed, we were asked to photograph their new lobby for the cover of a brochure.  We stopped by and got several members of the management team to ‘model’ in the lobby for us.  The shoot was fun and quick, but the billable time represented in this photograph is mind boggling!

The final image below is of the wine room at Carrabba’s Original on Kirby Drive.  All but two of the Carrabba’s locations were sold to Outback Steakhouse, the the Kirby and Voss locations and still family owned and operated.  They needed photos for the website, for advertising and for their menus.  We did both food and interiors and were quite happy with the results.

If you are in the market for a commercial photographer, call on us at STP Images Photography Studio.  To see more of our commercially focused work, head to our commercial photography website.



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