New look for STP Images website

Our website has been a bit . . . . lacking.  We had a business partner design our site from scratch in 2007.  It was a complex and fantastic website to have been built from scratch.  However, over the past 18 months, it simply hasn’t conveyed the image and message that we felt was true to STP Images.

So, we’ve been on a quest for the holy grail to build out own website with a look and feel that conveyed our vision.  Just like anything else in life, there are “give and take” issues with anything you do.  To be able to update the web and have complete control of content and appearance was a key issue, but no one at STP Images is a website guru.  So, we looked for something that we could easily update but yet convey a great impression of STP Images.  Not an easy task!

As of this week, our new site is LIVE.  It will always evolve and need a few tweaks, but we feel this will be the right answer for some time to come.  Take a look when you can and let us know your honest feedback!  Simply click here to get to!

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