Nate’s Discovery Green Shoot

It seemed like an eternity.  Lora thought proofing day would NEVER get here following Nate’s May 2 shoot, but it finally did!

Lora had told me that her son, Nate , was NOT easy to shoot and that he was not one to ‘stand and pose’ in front of the camera.  Knowing the difficulties one can occasionally face shooting children, we knew we might be in for a challenge to get some great shots of a camera shy three year old.  What we didn’t know was how well Mom and Nate would interact and how that would translate through the camera lens.  Even though Lora was not planning to be in the shoot at all, she was a GREAT sport and some of the best shots from the session are of the two of them together.

Randy and Lora stopped by the studio last night to proof the images and they loved them.  We had some iced “adult beverages” and sat back to watch the video and images.  We had a great time in the gallery and they loved the video projection room and proofing the individual images.

It has killed us to wait this long to post anything from the session.  But now that Lora and Randy have completed their proofing session, we’re now able to post the final video of the shoot here.  We’re proud of these shots, but not as proud as Lora and Randy are of Nate.

Enjoy the short video and contact STP Images to see what we can do for YOU!

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