STP Images is going to the dogs!

STP Images is launching a summer campaign to shoot your pet . . . with a camera, of course!  We are running a summer package special for pet owners wishing to capture their favorite family member in a tragically cool way.  We are especially grateful to the employees of the West Alabama Animal Clinic (WAAC) for helping us launch this program.  The WAAC Office Manager Meghan and the WAAC Owner, Dr. Rosser, were instrumental in our program kick-off.

Our Summer Special for Pets includes up to an hour of photography for you and your pet at our studio, your home or a public park plus two 10″ prints and one 18″ mounted print of your favorite shots.  At the conclusion of the shoot, you will be presented with between 25 and 30 total images in our projection room during a private Proofing Party.  You will then choose which you wish printed.  This entire experience through the end of July is only $345.00.  This is a $510.00 retail package!

We have posted a few of the WAAC employee pets above.  Dr. Novosad and Meghan Bingham both were kind enough to test run their dogs through the process and some of the results are below (more WAAC employees are already scheduled).  Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed capturing them!

Give STP Images a shout and find out what we can do for you and your pets!

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