Two more Pet Sessions this week

We had two more fantastic pet sessions this week.  One in the studio and one at the client’s home.  It’s just hard to describe how much fun these shoots are for us, for our clients and their pets!

We shot Karen’s lovely Retriever McKenzie and daughter Meadow Marie in our studio and the Menil Park.  Meadow’s Grandparents were there as well and were a treat, so we worked them into a few shots as well.  While a little chaos is to be expected, things fell into place pretty well.  We’ve talked about filming one of our studio shoots and creating a little time lapse video to post.  We may just do this next time.

We also shot Clay and Danielle’s dog Tag and were able to catch a fleeting shot or two of their cat Cocobell.  Shot in their home in the Upper Kirby area, the shoot went smoothly and without incident.  Got some great shots inside by the fireplace (like we need that NOW with this drought and month of 100 degree days!), in the study and out by the beautiful pool.

We will host the Proofing Parties for these pet owners in the next few weeks, so we can’t post our best stuff from the shoots, but here are a few shots as a preliminary teaser.  Hope you enjoy them.  Call STP Images when you’re ready to capture your beloved family members.

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