Elizabeth and Brian’s Engagement Shoot

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Brian on their engagement and November wedding!  STP Images is so honored to have been chosen to capture their wedding and engagement session.  After meeting with them both in the gallery, we came up with a great plan for capturing the wedding and the engagement shoot.  They both wanted some local landmarks to anchor the engagement shoot, so we loaded up and headed to Hermann Park to catch some early morning sun on some of the notable landmarks there.  We had a blast and they even brought along their dog, Maggie.

The only issue we had was that it was so stinking hot!  We chose a 7:00am start time specifically to attempt to beat the heat . . . yeah, RIGHT!  It was sweltering!  To say that they both were awesome to endure the heat is a gross understatement.  They not only stood up to it, they brought great emotion and energy to the shoot.  Even through the steam of the morning, these two allowed their true emotions for each other to shine through.  Here are a few or our favorites from the session.

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