Louice Ali – great local “feel-good” story

On Saturday, July 25, STP Images covered the Faces of Summer Talent Search event from Page Parkes Modeling.  At the Faces of Summer, we captured a few images of Louice Ali who was one of the 16 finalists in the Page Parkes seach for talent (scroll down to see blog post from the Face of Summer Event).  Shortly after the event, I was contacted by Shawn at YMCA International about the shots and Louice after he had seen them on the STP Images blog.

Louice, it turns out, is a YMCA International sponsored refugee.  Louice arrived in the United States just prior to Januray 2008 from conditions and a living environment that most of us would consider hellish at best.  His adjustment has been aided by Shawn and a host of other wonderful people at YMCA International.  Shawn thought that the Faces of Summer event would be a unique way to have Louice work on his confidence, and just possibly start him down a career path.  So, Shawn contacted me to do a model headshot session for Louice.  STP Images was fortunate enough to be in a position to assist them through a discounted session and we had a blast!

While we don’t offer a Proofing Party as a standard part of a headshot session (all portrait sessions and weddings include Proofing Parties), we decided that Louice’s particular case called for a little extra.  So, we set up a Proofing Party for him on Tuesday, August 4th.  Shawn invited many of the YMCA International employees and many other friends of Louice.  We even extended an invitation for Page Parkes to attend.  When all was said and done, we had TWENTY people there to support Louice in his efforts.  With a nice buffet and a few cold beverages, we proofed the headshots and Louice was definitely the STAR for the night.

On top of Louice’s great support group and Proofing Party night, a generous and anonymous donor has also agreed to assist with Louice’s fees to Page Parkes Modeling School!  What a great group of people there are at YMCA International and there isn’t a more deserving soul than Louice.  STP Images was grateful to be a part of the process and we hope that we helped play a small part in the launch of whatever success comes next for Louice.  Take a look at a few of the shots from the headshot session and the Proofing Party.

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