Cardinal DiNardo blesses St. Philip de Jesus Catholic Church

About 4 months ago, a unique opportunity passed our way when another local photographer referred us to a little church on the east side of Houston.  St. Philip de Jesus, it seemed, was experiencing record growth in both membership and financially.  The church is proud of its accomplishments as they celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2009.  Father Jesus Suarez wanted to document the growth of the church, the parishoners, the staff, life in the church and to have the project culminate in the blessing of the Church by Cardinal DiNardo.  The four month project is now moving to the second phase as all the images have been captured and all the interviews are done.  However, the hard work now begins for me I must sift through nearly 3,000 images and dozens of hours of audio from interviews.  My plan is to write a book that will reveal the story (peppered with our photos, of course!) about a little eastside Houston church and its seemingly improbable success despite its location, its lack of long term support and the current economic conditions worldwide.  This is an exciting project for STP Images and we feel blessed to have been allowed into the inner sanctum for this purpose.

Last night, August 14th, Cardinal DiNardo and many other Diocese priests and bishops made the pilgramage to St. Philip de Jesus to bless the newly expanded church.  There were literally THOUSANDS of people gathered and the crowd required seating into the second row of the parking lot just to hear the Cardinal speak.  The excitement was palpable and the event was joyous.  The parishoners were greeted by Cardinal DiNardo and his incredible message.

Below are a few shots from the day’s festivities.  I can’t wait to get this book completed for the parish and hope you enjoy the images from yesterday.  Contact STP Images for any information about the book, the project or to photograph your next event.


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