Bellaire Broiler Burger

Sometime mid last week, I awoke with a not unusual bout with insomnia at about 2:15am.  After flopping around trying to fall back asleep for an hour and a half, I decided to get up and walk over to the studio.  I have files that need to be processed, of course.  So, at 3:45, I sit down at my desk, fire up the PC and start Photoshop processing some portrait session files.  I stayed head-down until about 8am, but even though it was still early in the morning, after four plus hours of non-stop work, my head was wrapped around lunch.

So, at 8am, I started thinking about which burger I wanted.  Realizing that thinking about which artery clogging burger to eat at 8am was a bit odd, I posted my dilemma on Facebook.  Should I head downtown to get a Sparkle Burger (each burger hand crafted to order bigger than can fit in the standard human mouth) or should I go with my old high school favorite and get the Bellaire Special at Bellaire Broiler Burger (BBB)?

I was shocked at how many people weighed in on the subject.  The overwhelming response from my Facebook friends (disclaimer: my Friends list is skewed heavily with Bellaire High School graduates) was for me to get a Bellaire Special.  I even had a few Bellaire grads ask if the BBB was still there.  The answer is a resounding but heart-slowing YES!  Unfortunately, my plans took me downtown that day and I did not make the trip to the BBB – but I DID commit to myself to stop by there soon since so many people commented on the post. 

Today, I stopped by and ordered the Bellaire Special (double meat, double cheese, bacon and the works) with a side order of chili cheese fries – I was going for the triple bypass trifecta!  The place hasn’t changed a BIT since high school (even though I still manage to stop by about once or twice a year).  The flames scortched the burgers and filled the yellowed, dark interior with loud sizzling and smoke.  Take a look at a few of the shots below.  If you’ve not managed to stop by the BBB, do so when you can.  It’s a step back in time, even if that time is only the late 70s!

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