Lamar and Bellaire Seniors – FREE Proofing Parties

The fall semester is in full swing and it’s time to start thinking about your high school senior photos.  Remember, these photos will be with you FOREVER!  Just take a look at your parents Facebook friends and those 70’s and 80’s style senior portraits.  Is that REALLY the way you want to be remembered – a bad senior portrait of you posted to your Facebook profile in 2021 with a caption you wrote that says “I don’t know WHAT I was thinking”?  Do yourself a favor and say ‘NO’ to boring high school senior photos TODAY.  You’ll thank yourself when you’re 30!

New at STP Images this fall, EVERY high school senior shoot comes with a Proofing Party (every package includes one FREE)!  These Proofing Parties make YOU the center of attention.  After each STP Images Senior completes a fun, creative and interactive shoot, a Proofing Party is scheduled about two weeks later.  Seniors then invite their favorite friends to come to the STP Images studio for a full blown party with food and drinks.  We then all sit down in the Proofing Room to view a music style video of the shoot with every cool shot set to music.  From this video, each senior gets to choose the shots they wish to have printed – and of course the video is available to each Senior as well.  There are tons of unique and cool products for our Seniors including iPod Nanos with all your images on them as well as web formatted images for your Facebook page.

Take a look at the sample video below to see just how completely awesome these shoots can be!  More information is available on the “Proofing Party” tab at the top of this blog page.  We’d love to help make you the center of attention and give you some seriously hot images too!  Call or email for calendar availability.  We can’t wait to work with you.

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