Danny, Isabel and Coco

STP Images has really been growing in the past few months.  Growth is good – but sometimes it causes things to slip a little in other areas.  I’ve neglected my postings for some of our clients, so to make up for it, I’d like to start by thanking Danny, Isabel and Coco for taking the time to come out to the studio IN THE RAIN about 5 weeks ago for a shoot.  Isabel and Danny work and live inside the loop and they have a professional tie to Hermann Park.  So we brought them into the studio to shoot about an hour there, we then loaded up and went to the Galleria (Coco the dog is named after Coco Chanel – we HAD to get a shot at the Chanel store!) and then to Hermann Park in the rain.  We had a blast, got some great images and sent Danny, Isabel and Coco home to dry off.  Here are some of the shots from that day.

Call STP Images to set up your portrait session.  There’s also still time to book a shoot to make some great custom holiday cards.  We’d love to hear from you!

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