Cabo Wobblin’ (or MIA in Mexico)

It’s been a dozen days or so since our last post.  The first two weeks of December were crazy busy for the photography business, but we left Houston a little over a week ago to head to Cabo San Lucas.  Having been down to the beautiful desert tip of the Baja Peninsula before, we were ready to try some new things there.  We took our Ole Miss sophomore son and his roommate and we spent 8 days exploring.  Due to the Swine Flu threat, the border drug gang wars and the sagging economy, we were some of the only Gringos down there – it was pretty devoid of tourists.  This was great for getting tables at restaurants and other activities, but it also made us HUGE targets for all the folks trying to sell us something.  We rented a condo in Pedregal that normally goes for $2,000 per day during high season that we negotiated down to $150 per day.  Of the 50 or so rental units in our condo, only 6 or 8 were occupied with tourists.  This was a incredible deal considering the views – and we even saw whales breaching the Pacific from the patio!

We rented a Jeep Wrangler and headed up the Pacific Coast to Todos Santos and ran some of the Baja Trails along the coast (some day we will race in the SCORE Baja 1000, but that’s a different story altogether).  We took the public bus (Subercaobos $25 pesos) from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo and hit a dozen or so taco stands and beer joints.  The remainder of the time, we walked around Cabo San Lucas and found some great places we had never tried before.  We literally hit 15 local ‘taco huts’ during our stay.  We loved it and can’t wait to get back.

Some of our favorite places from this visit were Las Fuentes in Todos Santos, Los Deseos on the marina in Cabo San Lucas, Costazul Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, Zipper’s on the Costa Azul beach and oddly enough, a little French Bakery called le Cafe Francais at the foot of the hill in Pedregal where we rented our condo.  If you get a chance to visit Los Cabos, now is the perfect time to really get great deals and enjoy the beautiful weather and sun.  Take a peek at a few of our favoriate shots from the trip below.

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