Unless you’ve been solely focusing your attention on John Edwards story, it was impossible to miss the media campaign advertising Artopia 2010.  Underwritten by the Houston Press and sponsored by Houston’s PBS Channel 8, Page Parkes, Fresh Arts, Houston Arts Alliance and Momentum Audi, the event was as big as I’ve ever seen it.  Hosted by Winter Street Studios, this was my third trip there in a month shooting events for STP Images.  There was a huge turnout – I found it difficult to walk through the event by 9:00pm and it seemed that most people enjoyed that part of it.  

LOTS of artists upstairs and downstairs in the two story building converted from a railway shipping dock into one of the nerve centers for the Houston art scene just off lower Washington Avenue.  Not limiting the event to only visual arts, there were several performing artists as well including the Dominc Walsh Dance Theater, Cuadro La Tempestad Flamenco and the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company.  The list of the participating visual artists was a “Who’s Who” of the Houston art scene.  Among those displaying their work were David Brown, Carlos Hernandez (all the Day of the Dead art at Cactus Records belongs to Carlos),  GONZO247 of Aeresol Warfare fame, Rahul Mitra and Micah Simmons, whose work is simply amazing – even moreso given his degenerative eye disorder.

There was plenty of food and adult beverages to keep everyone warm and toasty during a cold night at Winter Street.  If Artopia continues to improve each year as it has in the past, the 2011 show will have to be enormous to match last night’s evet.  Take a glance at a few of the images below to see a few of the artists and partyers.



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