Beastly Brunch!

When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I’m a full time photographer.  That is almost always followed up with a second question, “What do you shoot”?  Well, the short answer is, people.  We’ve been shooting a lot of events and portraits and models and pet owners and . . . .

So, as behind as I have been, I want to post a few of these “people” shots before the shelf life starts to cause them to get a little gamey!  I’ll start with a little test shoot we did for Momentum Audi and the Houston Zoo.  Momentum is the primary sponsor of the Houston Zoo’s FLOCK organization and this group of young professionals hosts several events throughout the year.  FLOCK’s big annual fund raiser is the Beastly Brunch (which took place on February 28).  To raise awareness for the Beastly Brunch, FLOCK held a pre-party at Momentum Audi on February 4 called the Release Your Inner Beast.  To prepare for this pre-party, I was asked to open the STP Images studio to a Page Parkes model, a makeup artist, a stylist and a jeweler for a makeup test session.  The goal of this session was to perfect the technique for body painting three models for the Release Your Inner Beast party.  Essentially, this was a “pre-test” in advance of the “pre-party” held in advance of the Beastly Brunch – talk about being prepared in advance!

The makeup artist, Andrea Schutter, spent three hours spraying and painting our model and did a fantastic job.  The proof of concept worked well and she then worked her magic on three models for the Release Your Inner Beast pre-party.  After the work was done, we captured a few images of the model and everyone loved the results.  The girls were a smash hit at the pre-party and created quite a stir for the Beastly Brunch.  Below are a few of the shots from the makeup test.  Call STP Images for your next shoot and be sure to keep Andrea’s name handy if you ever need a nationally recognized makeup artist here in Houston.  Enjoy!

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