High School Senior Debra

Say hello to Debra!  Last week, Debra and her Dad came by the studio for one of our High School Senior Packages.  She even brought her own makeup artist, Virrobin White!  Debra and I had spoken on the phone and we had worked out a shoot that exactly matched what she wanted to have captured.  We started in the studio where she arrived early and had makeup done.  We made our way down to the Menil Museum grounds and got some great shots in the park and around the buildings – although I DO have to say that I’m disappointed that the Red Swing at the Park placed by the Austin Red Swing Project was gone!  I loved using that spot for portraits.  Does anyone know what happened to it?!

After we finished at the Menil, we headed back to the studio where Debra changed outfits for our first set of images in the studio.  After completely filling one camera card, we had Debra make one last outfit change and the makeup artist transformed her look for the final images.  What a joy to shoot and what a great set of images we captured.  We have put a few of the final shots here, but Debra will have to wait for her Proofing Party to see all of them.

Take a look and leave a comment on your thoughts about the images!  For more information about our High School Senior Packages or about our Proofing Parties, click on the tabs at the top of this blog page for details.  Let STP Images shoot YOUR senior portraits!

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