Tony’s Chef Grant Gordon

On Friday, I was summoned to the famed Tony’s on Richmond and Timmons to shoot their new chef, Grant Gordon and a couple of his signature dishes.  It had been a few years since I had visited the restaurant, but it felt like home as I walked through the front doors again.  I was greeted on the drive and was taken to the private room where we would shoot the food shots.  I quickly unpacked the lights and set up for the food to arrive.  I arrived at 9:30am, so I knew I’d have to be quick about getting a portrait done in time for Grant to prepare the dishes for our shoot and finish in time to take care of the soon-to-arrive lunch crowd.

I asked Grant to simply stand in the center of the dining room using the well recognized artwork on the walls as a backdrop.  After getting a handful of frames, it was then off to the back room where I waited for Grant to bring our first dish to shoot.  It was here that I was first asked by Grant if we could get a couple of “action” shots of his food.  What?  A food action shot?  This was a first for me with food sessions, but I was game and so was Grant.  We finished shooting the second dish (a tableside mixed risotto) just as the first lunch diners arrived.  Grant was gracious, the food was delicious and I even got a double espresso out of the deal.  Here are a couple of favorites from the session. 

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