Susan’s Portrait Session

Two Fridays ago (I know, I was lax in posting last week), Susan came to see us for a couple of headshots for her new career opportunity at a local high-end realty firm.  She arrived at the studio and had a few poses and shots in mind, but was very agreeable to get a few fun shots for her personal use also.  Susan arrived right on time, but was a little nervous as she’d not shot a studio portrait session in many years.  So, we sat down, opened a bottle of wine and between the three of us discussed what she’d like to see.  After the time to relax a bit, Susan came out swinging – the shots are fantastic and I think she’s going to love them.  We’re posting a sneak peek of a few of her images below.

Let STP Images know about your photography needs – whether it’s a portrait session in the studio, an executive portrait session, or a last minute high school senior, we can help you out in May.

One thought

  1. Cindy/Todd, thank you for your kind hospitality. I have never felt comfortable in front of the camera. You both were very gracious and made me feel at home. The pictures are great! (I typically do not like photographs of myself.) I’m looking forward to many wonderful years in real estate and appreciate your assistance in creating a professional image. Kind regard, Susan O

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