George’s Pastaria Chef’s Table Shoot

George Reed, the owner of George’s Pastaria on Dairy Ashford in west Houston, called us at STP Images a couple of weeks ago with a dilemma.  He is in the process of upgrading the restaurant’s website and needed some food images for his menu and new website.  However, the logistics proved difficult to shoot this in a standard fashion or during off peak times, so we had to improvise a little.

What we came up with was a Saturday lunchtime shoot when things are a bit slower on the restaurant floor.  He wanted at least a dozen entrees shot in addition to some wine and food filler, so we planned to set up two shooting stations in the far corner away from the entrance.  We set up one setting to shoot items in natural light and a second setting to shoot with studio strobes. 

The rub came in when George admitted that he hates to waste food (can’t say that I blame him at all given the food quality) and just couldn’t bring himself to cook 12 dishes only to have them not be eaten.  So, we decided to extend an invitation to a handful of long time STP Images clients to dine at a unique chef’s table.  Everyone gathered right after 11:30 at the large table in George’s and then the dishes began rolling out of the kitchen.  I would shoot the item in natural light, then with studio strobes and then it was off to the table to be devoured by the handful of STP Images clients.  We each left quite full and managed to get dozens of great images for the George’s website.  Make sure you try George’s too if you haven’t before – the food is as good as it looks!

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