David and Carmen’s Shoot

I love the neighborhood where we live and work.  The eclectic nature of the residents, the unique homes and the businesses make it one of the most compelling in the area to live.  We recently spoke to one of our neighbors, Joyce, who has twins that recently turned 5.  We spoke briefly about getting some images of the kids at play and in the studio to preserve this little moment in time for her.  So, Joyce and the family stopped by the studio and we talked about what we wanted to capture and we set the shoot date for a Friday afternoon.  David and Carmen love bicycling, blowing bubbles, pulling each other in their little red wagon and dressing up – just what you’d expect from 5 year olds!  We knew just what we needed to get during the session.

We spent some time in the studio getting some great shots of the family individually, in pairs and as a group.  We also shot with a new brocaid background we had custom made for the studio and loved what we got.  We even brought the little red wagon into the studio.  We then headed to the Menil and the University of St. Thomas, which is where they love to ride their bikes and stop for a bite to eat at Quiznos.  We’ve posted a few of our favorite shots from the session here to let Joyce get a sneak peek before her proofing session next week.  We hope you like them, too.

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