Markantonis Family

When you think about the landmark “bucket list” places in Houston, there are a few that have to be near the top of the list.  The West Alabama Ice House is definitely in rarified air for must-see hot spots.  It’s been around since 1921 and is literally world renowned – people visit from all over the globe.  I even had a close friend of mine visit Germany a few years ago and while walking to the train station while wearing his West Alabama Ice House T-shirt, someone stopped him and in strained English, blurted out that he had been to the Ice House!

Pete is the co-owner and operator of the Ice House and we’ve been regular customers of his for years.  When we started talking about family portraits, we jumped at the chance to shoot Pete and his three daughters.  We just wrapped the session up this week, but we wanted to post a few of the images for the girls to see before the weekend started.  Take a look at a few of our favorites below.  We’d love to work with your family in time for some great holiday card images.  Give us a call or email us at the studio soon!

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