Wood Duck Farm

Most people like fresh veggies, right?  Us too.  We shot a family session for a neighbor of ours, Joyce, a couple of months ago.  Joyce is also a distribution point for a farmer co-op.  Essentially, everyone who wishes to participate pays a flat fee to receive farm fresh vegetables once a week for a ten week period.

I delivered some prints to Joyce one day a while back on a day when her garage was overflowing with boxes, turnips, radishes, micro greens, cucumbers, children and neighbors.  Intrigued by what I saw, she suggested that I join the co-op as well.  She also suggested that I contact Van, the owner of Wood Duck Farm, about doing some work for him to help in his online promotion of his farm.  We spoke a few times and I found out that not only does Van have a great farm just outside of Houston, he also hosts regular Chef Dinners.

It seems that Van has been supplying some of the biggest names in the restaurant business here in Houston.  He works with those owners to help out Wood Duck Farm by loaning a chef here and there to cook a full meal at Wood Duck Farm.  These are great events that seat between 50 and 100 people for incredible dinners.  This past Sunday night, I shot a farm dinner of local suckling pig porchetta with appetizers of pickled smelts, suckling pig boudin, texas gulf white shrimp with smoked eggplant tortellini and finished off with pumpkin pie.

The best part of this dinner is that it was prepared by Justin Basye, the chef from Stella Sola, one of Bryan Caswell’s award winning restaurants (Reef, Little Bigs, Stella Sola).  I’ve posted a few of my favorites from the event below.  Take a look at the shots and let STP Images know if you’d like us to cover your next event.  Shout at Van at Wood Duck Farm if you’re interested in joining the co-op.  Head to Stella Sola if you like what you see from Justin, Adam and Will.

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