RMH Boo Ball Quilt

Back in April of this year, Mikki Donnelly of Houston’s Ronald McDonald House approached me with a project.  Every year, RMH holds its annual fundraiser in October.  The Boo Ball is the culmination of the public fund raising efforts and each year the marquee item in the auction is a handmade quilt by the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston.

It seems that this year, Mikki had sold 25 spaces on a quilt to her board members.  After seeing STP Images portraits of Mogie, the RMH House Dog, she wanted a quilt with headshots of all the dogs of the RMH board members.

We began scheduling sessions in April and shot our first dog in late April.  Twenty-five dogs later, we were done and it was only the end of May!  The images were then processed and we sent them off to the quilt guild to be stitched into the quilt. 

There was an unveiling party of sorts for the quilt at Rome Spa back in mid September during a pre-publicity event.  Finally, the night of the auction arrived and it was a tremendously huge bash.  The final item in the live auction was the quilt and it was sold to an astoundingly high bid of $95,000.00!  We were thrilled and RMH benefitted tremendously.  We were treated with such great respect and consideration from the entire group involved with RMH.  We only hope to be able to help again soon!

Todd, Cindy and Mogie's $95,000 quilt
Todd, Cindy and Mogie's $95,000 quilt

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