Stephanie’s Downtown Rooftop Session

We’ve been really swamped with sessions and events over the past month and I’ve neglected the website a bit.  So, starting today, we’ll beging posting some samples of the work we’ve been working on.  Today, we’re posting some of our faves from a session we had with Stephanie just before Thanksgiving. 

Stephanie gave us a call after we posted our images of Carrie Carson’s downtown shoot a while back.  Stephanie wanted some images that she could use for her personal portfolio as well as some professional images to use in publications such as Houston Modern Luxury Magazine or the Houston Business Journal.  We planned a half day session that included 6 different outfits and nearly as many locations.  We shot in the park across the street from Tennison Lofts downtown and then moved in to the Lofts for the remainder of the session.  We used a few of the loft spaces, hallways, stairwells and finally made it up to the roof for a night time session.

Stephanie came by last night and proofed her images and had a difficult time choosing what she wanted.  As the photographer, I had a hard time choosing only a few, but I’ve posted a handful below.  See for yourself and let us know what you think!  If you’re ready for a rock star shoot, give us a call in the studio or simply ping us via email.  We’re ready to help you with your artistic vision just as like did with Stephanie.

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