Dr. Gary Nguyen and Eye Impact

We shoot a couple of dozen assignments a year for Houston Magazine and love the people we meet through them.  Back in late December, we got a call for some portraits for an optometrist who is opening a new office on Washington Avenue.  We met Dr. Nguyen at Eye Impact, directly across the street from El Tiempo, and immediately loved his building.  Completely new from the ground up, he has designed the building AND his business on solid green concepts.  From the materials used in construction, the energy efficiency of the space and it’s ongoing operation to two lines of frames made from recycled materials, it is obvious that Eye Impact is innovative in its business principles.

We photographed Dr. Nguyen in the lobby of Eye Impact and his profile can be seen in January’s Houston Magazine.  We also shot a corner of the lobby before the shelves were even stocked, but the waiting area is very contemporary and comfortable.  Take a look at the images below from our day of shooting and let STP Images know if you’d like us to help you with YOUR first impact of you or your business!

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