Boeker Family Portraits

It’s funny how things come full circle sometimes.  Years ago (22 years to be exact), I worked with Chris in the financial industry.  We even spent a month together in NYC working in the World Trade Center in a training program.  I left the financial industry just a year or two after that and stayed in touch with Chris, but slowly lost contact over the past 22 years.  Recently, I had a chance to reconnect with Chris via Facebook and we have enjoyed catching back up.  His two daughters were getting older and he was now running marathons.

Fast forward to 2010.  He saw some of my work posted online and called me to ask about a family session.  He had been to two very well established portrait photographers in Houston and had varying experiences that left him a little ‘blah’.  So he told us what he wanted and we set up a portrait session in the STP Images studio and outdoors near the studio.  His beautiful daughters and wife arrived at the studio with some stunning outfits and coats on a cold day and we went to work.

We shot outdoors at the Menil Museum and the flat outdoor lighting was perfect for the mood we were trying to create in the images.  We got some good family images and then bundled up to head back to the studio.  We spent a half an hour in the studio and wrapped up – sending them home to wait for us to process the final images.  They loved the music video of their final images and even ordered a LARGE canvas grouping (roughly 3 feet by 4 feet) for their home.  We will post images of the grouping and a video of us installing the canvases when they arrive from the lab in about 2 weeks.

We have posted a few of our favorites from the session below.  We would love to schedule a session with you as the Spring Thaw (of sorts) takes hold here in Houston.  Email us or call us in the studio to learn more or to book a free consultation today!

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