RMH Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It’s a miracle we all survived!  You recall the “Ice Storm 2011″ earlier this month that gripped this city for four consecutive days, causing all sorts of commerce interruption, for 1/4” of frozen rain over the course of a 3 hour period, right?  Well, one of the casualties of the frigid, tundra-like Houston conditions was Ronald McDonald House’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun event.  It was rescheduled quickly with the help of the folks at Hilton Americas.

Despite the false start earlier in the month, the event went off without a visible hitch last night.  Lots of great food, huge vendor displays for the girls to enjoy and a worthy cause for RMH.  Women arrived in groups and dress ranged from Houston chic to team costumes.  It was a people watching event for sure. 

STP Images was there to photograph the event for RMH and a couple of the images are posted below.  If you’re looking for coverage of your next event, give STP Images a call in the studio to talk about it.



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