Tony’s and Grant Gordon

Our good friends at Houston Modern Luxury called us in April 2010 to photograph Grant Gordon, the new Executive Chef at Tony’s and one or two of his signature dishes for a profile to run in the May issue.  Everything went without a hitch and we were able to get some great images of his entrees that just rocked.  We then moved Grant out to the middle of the restaraunt to grab a quick natural light portrait.  We released the shutter a few times and then turned Grant loose to get back to his kitchen for the upcoming lunch service.  Those images ran last year in the fine dining section of Houston Modern Luxury and we also posted about the session on our website.

We were pleased to get the call again this year to head back to Tony’s to get images of Grant’s new dishes.  We set up as we did before in the back room and Grant presented us with some beautiful (and tasty) dishes.  We captured the food images and then headed back to the studio for our next shoot.  We forwarded the edited images to Modern Luxury and then waited for the release of the March issue. 

One day soon after that, while checking the STP Images web statistics, we noticed a huge spike in people accessing our old story on Grant Gordon from 2010.  In doing a little digging, we found that Allison Cook has just reviewed Grant’s risotto and grilled Gulf snapper at Tony’s at the end of February.  Thought it would be fun to share the chef portrait again, the new food shots and the link for Grant’s outstanding review.  Enjoy.

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