Amber’s headshot session

Over the past year and a half, we have maintained a great relationship with Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Houston and have done multiple projects for them.  In fact, we’re working on another project right now for the children at the House that involves the Houston Astros and RMH House Dog, Mogie.  We should have something to post here in another few weeks on that project.

Over a two month period last year, we photographed many of the RMH Board Members with their dogs for a quilt that was auctioned off for $95,000 at the Boo Ball in October.  We were thrilled with the portraits as well as the bid on our work!  One of the board members had a co worker that saw our work from the quilt project and loved it.  So, a few weeks ago, Amber called us and set up a time to get some headshots done for her personal and business use.  She wanted something that could be used in her real estate work and also something personal for Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Amber stopped by the studio ealier this month and we were ready for her.  We ran her through the paces in our Museum District Studio and got some great portraits with studio lighting.  We then moved her downstairs into our gallery to take advantage of the wall of windows to get some natural light portraits.  Amber stopped by the studio last week to pick her favorites and she had a difficult time choosing.  In fact, I noticed this morning that Amber is already using one of her portraits on her Facebook page!

Here are a few of our favorites from the session.  If you need family, personal or business portraits, call the experts at STP Images and let us go to work for you!

One thought

  1. I had the best time ever working with Todd and Cindy Parker! I had never felt so at ease as I did in their studio. Not only did they do an EXCELLENT job with the portraits I have gained two new friends. Thanks so much!

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