Introducing: Photography Design Services

If you’re like me, or like anyone else for that matter, you’ve got photos and digital files ALL over the place.  Digital cameras and electronic images are no longer new technology – you have a decade’s worth of digital files all over the place – on an old laptop in the attic, on the home PC, on the PC at work and on your iPad or smart phone.  And then there’s all the old prints – you’ve got some vacation photos in boxes tucked away in the back of a closet, you’ve got a folder somewhere with the old prints from a family reunion, you have your kids graduation photos in a drawer in the bedroom.  Wouldn’t it be great to have ALL of those images in ONE place digitally and be able to find any one of them instantly with a quick keyword search on your computer?  We can make this happen for you!

STP Images is pleased to introduce our new line of Photography Design Services.  We will scan your non-copyrighted photographs into a digital format complete with keywords for easy indexing.  We can also mat and frame existing prints into contemporary art pieces.  Our top offerings include designing and printing layflat coffee table books from your non-copyrighted photos and we can create incredibly moving music videos from your existing photographs.

If you are ready to modernize the way you store, access and display your precioius family photographs, call us today for a free consultation!  We make house calls!!!



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