Meredith’s Portrait Session

We expected a big March this year, but nothing prepared us for what April would bring.  Beginning on April 2, we began a two week shooting binge that included five high school senior sessions here in Houston, eight high school senior sessions in Harlingen, two portrait sessions in the studio, restaraunt interior and food images for a magazine and four evening events.  There are literally thousands of images waiting to be processed this week for our clients.  So, this morning, I rolled up the sleeves (theoretically – I’m wearing a t-shirt) and started processing.

Meredith was first up and what a great story she has to tell.  She will be graduating in May from nursing school and she wanted a few portraits to use as photo inserts into her graduation announcements.  She and her mom also wanted a few prints to give to extended family members.  Meredith had been photographed by us about three years ago with her Mom, so she knew what to expect.  We planned the session to focus on some studio work with a few outdoor portraits in evening light at the Menil Collection’s park space and the Red Swing Project.   When she arrived, she was uncontrollably happy – almost childishly giddy.  It turns out that she had literally JUST received a phone call as she drove up to the studio telling her that she was hired for a job she had gone through a grueling interview process for earlier in the week.  We almost couldn’t get a normal smile from her due to her absolute joy!

We’ve posted a few images below from our session that were our favorites.  If you’re looking for some portraits of the family or just something special for yourself, give us a call in the studio.  We would love to show you what we can do for YOU!

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