Virtuosi’s high school senior portraits

I am in my second year of working with Virtuosi of Houston, an orchestra designed for local high school students who wish to make their pursuit of music a priority.  Typically, I shoot three concerts a year for them and a few projects from time to time.  This year, the management of Virtuosi wanted us to get some portraits of their high school senior orchestra members before the concert we photographed this past week.  This makes things a bit of a challenge as shooting portraits and shooting an event are completely different in setup and technical difficulty.  However, we came up with a plan to get some great shots and allow us to travel lightly with our equipment.

We’ve been increasing our use of quick drop light stands with radio controlled lighting for our outdoor senior sessions when extra light is needed.  What is great about this setup is that it is light, portable and powerful for its size.  So, we packed the “outdoor” kit and found about 100 square feet of space backstage at Zilkha Hall in Hobby Center to set up.  With only 30 minutes to shoot all 15 seniors AND three group photos BEFORE the concert started was a bit stressful, but the seniors really stepped up and gave us some good images.

We’ve posted a few of our favorites here.  Take a look at our “quick” work below and just imagine what we can do with YOUR high school senior with good planning and lots of time and room to shoot!  If you have a high school senior that is still in need of senior portraits here in Houston, give us a shout – time is running out and you don’t want to miss this brief time in your senior’s life!

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