Jessie’s high school senior photos

Jessie is next up for posting photos of our recent high school senior portraits.  Jessie is a local Class of 2012 Senior and has been a photography enthusiast since she was 4.  Seems her parents handed her a disposable camera at the Grand Canyon and she was hooked.  Jessie joined STP Images as an intern for our Class of 2012 high school seniors and seems to be as comfortable behind the camera as she was in front of it.

Jessie has photographed some portrait sessions for some of her friends at school and now she  has first hand knowledge of what it’s like to be the subject of an intense hour long photo shoot.  In addition to knowing a little about the photography side of things, Jessie also is a self-taught Photoshop user.  She got her hands on a copy while in 7th grade and dove in head first.  Hopefully, our internship program will help hone her skills a little and keep her passion for photography going as she enters the summer before her graduating year of school.

We have posted a few of our favorites from her high school senior pictures, so take a look and let us know what you think.  If you have a senior that needs to have senior photos done before they head off to college, give us a shout and let’s see if we can find a spot on the calendar for you!  If you are a senior (or a soon-to-be-senior), click here to head to Seniorology!

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