High School Senior Pictures for Ross

Ross is our next high school senior portrait session to post.  It was time to work a guy in with all these beautiful girls (Ross is our only ‘dude’ intern and our only Nikon user in our intern class).  Ross is a Class of 2012 graduating senior from St. Pius X and is also a member of the STP Images intern class of 2011.  Ross hasn’t been in Houston long – he just moved here from Kentucky with his family.  However, he was fortunate that his family moved to one of Houston’s true bohemian neighborhoods and he has enjoyed getting to know some of the artistic residents here.

We kept his photo shoot focused on the random neighborhood places near his home and our studio and then we followed those photos up with a few studio portraits after it got too dark to shoot outdoors.  We started on the side of a very old and small liquor store on Richmond Ave. using some of the movie posters as an urban feeling background.  We then moved a few hundred yards up Richmond to use the new grafitti wall at a newly opened salon on Richmond.  What was REALLY cool about this is that Ross attended an art showing right after we shot his high school senior portraits and he met the graitti artist who painted the wall.  So Ross told him about the photo experience he had and the artist enjoyed the story so much that he created an impromptu drawing in one of Ross’s notebooks.  What a great way to have a keepsake from the shoot beyond the great images we shot. 

Take a look at a few of our favorites from the high school senior pictures we shot of Ross.  If you are a senior and still need senior portraits, click here to go to our specialty website Seniorology.  If you are a parent of a high school senior and you haven’t booked a portrait session yet, DON’T let this brief moment in your senior’s life pass you by without documenting it!  Call us to book a consultation today.

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