Judie’s High School Senior Photo Session

Judie is our next high school senior portrait session to post.  Judie was such a pleasure to work with and to shoot, even though we did some things with her session that we don’t normally do!  Judie is a class of 2012 senior at St. Agnes Academy, a world traveler and an intern for STP Images class of 2011.

As a group, our 5 interns planned this shoot for Judie and worked with her on planning her session and wardrobe.  During the consultation, the interns discovered that Judie loves a natural look and wanted to avoid posed or forced smiles.  She loves a photojournalistic style of photography and wanted her shoot to look like the camera just “happened” to be there capturing her during her daily routines.

So, we headed to the park at the Menil and the bamboo outside of the Rothko Chapel.  The park was full on such a beautiful evening near sunset, but we found a great spot for some natural light and then used a reflector to get the light in Judie’s eyes we needed.  For the first time ever, I simply sat back and watched someone ELSE set up and take the images.  Judie seemed to enjoy it and the interns all saw just how difficult it is to plan and execute a good outdoor portrait session.

Once we had a number of exposures in the can, we then moved back to the studio to round out the session using controlled lighting.  We set up several different lighting scenarios including large softboxes, clamshell beauty dish lighting and some harsh directional lighting as well.  Once we were done, I sorted through all the interns images and rolled a few of my own into the set.  The final set of 24 images for Judie is quite unique and random, but also provides a wide array of perspectives.  A few of our favorites are posted below.

If you are a high school senior (or will be next year) and you still haven’t had your senior portraits done, click here to head to Seniorology.  If you’re a parent of a high school senior (or will be next year), call us to talk about our affordable offerings for your high school senior – don’t let this moment in time slip by without documenting it.  Regret is NOT a good thing – and it lasts a long time.  Call us!

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