needs help naming new “Employee”

You may have noticed already, but in case you haven’t, we’re really focusing on growing our high school senior portrait business.  While the students are just now starting their summer, we decided to begin working on a complete revamping of our Senior-ology brand for the Fall semester.  We have created an all new line of products and giveaway items – these things rock and we can’t wait to unveil them over the summer right here on this web page.  We also have revamped the Senior-ology website – for those that haven’t visited it, check it out at  We encourage our seniors to be themselves and rejoice in their random personality traits with our Senior-ology tagline: “Ride Your Own Wave”!

We are also working with several local high schools on multiple projects for fundraising and even a Facebook photo day for several local high schools coming in the Fall 2011.  These projects are bound to be a hit with the students and should really help a few lucky clubs and societies with some much needed capital in their fundraising efforts.  If you are a member of a club or team and will be a senior next year, give us a shout to see if we can add your group.  We can’t wait for the Fall to get started!

But we can’t work with today’s high school seniors with boring images and a stodgy, musty, old studio – we have to appeal to senior’s fun side.  So, we have also added a new “employee” to the Senior-ology/STP Images ranks to help our high school seniors feel more at home while here at our Museum District Studio.  He is always on time, doesn’t talk back and has an impressive presence in the studio.  His washboard abs and sleek hairstyle make him a hit with all the ladies, too!  Take a look at our beachy addition and let us know if you have an idea for his name!  Shoot us an email or post your idea on our Facebook page.  Have a great summer, Juniors, and we’ll see you in the Fall!


Who am I?
Who am I?

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