Of living green, working green and being slightly more socially conscious . . .

Cindy and I have been living in our Museum District home now for almost 4 years.  We have both given up our daily commute from the ‘burbs that took an hour each direction to work 5 times a week.  That savings in gasoline alone is impactful – especially at $3.75 per gallon.  It also gave us reason to sell two other vehicles, so our household is now down to one vehicle from three.  This change in our driving habits got us to thinking about what other changes we could make.  We live in an area where people are especially conscious of working and living green, so we spent some time with some of our neighbors to find out how they live greener and to see if there might be some parts of what they do that we could incorporate into our daily routines.

So, over the past two years, we have slowly migrated to a greener way of living.  For example, we use fewer packaged products where possible, we use sustainable materials, we recycle when possible – I even bought a cruiser bicycle and use it to run to the grocery store (with my canvas bags, of course), to the bank and to the post office.  We have decided to intersperse our photography posts with a few personal actions we are taking from time to time to show just how we’re adjusting to our new life philosophies.

Our first post on the subject today is a fun one.  One of the things we like to do is grow herbs and spices.  This year, we have expanded our herb garden to include peppers and other vegetables – but the sun and lack of rain are TORTURING our plants right now.  Here is a very short video of some of our herbs and pepper plants.  This is truly just for fun, but let us know what you think by commmenting here on some things that you are doing to live greener, work greener and become more socially conscious.


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