The long, hot, dry summer . . .

It has been too long since my last post.  No one to blame but myself, although I would like to lay it at the feet of the summer doldrums.  Do summer doldrums really exist, or are they simply in the same category as bigfoot, the tooth fairy and a free lunch?  I wish I knew, but if the doldrums do exist, I definitely had them. 

Having the doldrums doesn’t mean that things weren’t busy here at STP Images.  We’ve been staying completely occupied with lots of events, portrait sessions and planning for the Fall rush of our high school seniors.  Just in the past couple of weeks, I covered an event for Momentum Audi that benefitted the Houston Ballet’s young professional group – Ballet Barre.  It was a great event and I had the opportunity to meet the new publisher of Houston Modern Luxury, Peter Remington.  I have been shooting for Modern Luxury for several years now and while Lou will be missed at the helm of Houston Modern Luxury, it is exciting to see what changes come from the new blood.  At the Ballet Barre event, Peter asked me to shoot his PR portraits in the studio, which we did just a couple of weeks ago.  The photos should be in the July issue of Modern Luxury (although I haven’t seen the new issue yet!).

Earlier this summer, I shot an event at the Polo Grounds for the Health Museum and met Roshanak and Sheri, the two owners of Roshar Jewels in west Houston.  They watched me work the event, saw the online posting of the photos and liked our work enough to give us a call to shoot three month’s worth of advertising photos of them.  They wanted executive portraits that showed they were female business owners with a flair for luxury and business.  We set up a Sunday session to take advantage of the morning light in their store on Memorial Drive before the store opened to the public.  We drug a small studio light set up into the jewelry showroom to augment the natural light and we loved what we captured – and so did Sheri and Roshanak.

We’ve posted an image from each of the shoots mentioned above.  Take a look at these business executive portraits and event photos and give us a call at STP Images for your portrait or business event needs.  We love making our executives look their best and our clients love us – come see why.


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