Facebook Fan Pages and Top This Place

A few noteworthy updates for a boring, hot Monday.  First of all, I have finally given in and created two new Facebook Fan Pages for STP Images and for our high school senior division, Senior-ology.com.  I have maintained a Facebook page under my name, Todd Parker, for about 5 years now.  I just felt it was time to get a Facebook Fan Page set up for my two businesses.  I figured that with over 2,100 Facebook friends on my personal page I would have a few hundred immediate “Likes” on our new Fan Pages.  Boy, was I short on that estimate!  Do me a favor, please . . . you’ve seen our work on this website (I hope) and you like it (I hope, again), so I’d like to ask that you click on the links to our Fan Pages and LIKE US, please!  Tell us what you think of the pages, too.  We want these pages to be appealing to everyone who visits, so your voice counts.

The second bit of news I have is that I have just been brought on as a food photographer and reviewer at Top This Place.  Top This Place is a website/blog dedicated to reviewing the coolest foodie faves and cultural hot spots in major metropolitan areas worldwide!  I will be reviewing and photographing some Houston’s inner loop “one off” restaurants – no chains and no franchises.  Local owners, local chefs and local businesses only.  I can’t wait to get started!  I will likely be reviewing two places per week and will post the photos and reviews on Top This Place, but I’ll also link the reviews here as well.  I expect to have my first reviews posted next week, so stop by and see what local fare has made the pages of this blog and Top This Place!  Come back and watch me gain 10 pounds per month!!!

One thought

  1. Welcome to the team! I am one of the food reviewers for Top This Place in the DFW area. I also recently joined the team. It looks like we will be gaining weight together!

    David Lunt

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