The Brownstone Cafe for TopThisPlace

A post or two back, I mentioned that I would be photographing and providing food reviews for a new indepth review website called TopThisPlace.  Well, I had my first meal and posted my first review today.  I chose the newly opened Brownstone Cafe.  Let me know what you think of my first effort – don’t stone me on my first try, though!


 The Brownstone was an Upper Kirby institution for years, but has been closed for a while.  My wife, Cindy, heard rumors that they were reopening.  We looked into it and found out that in the Brownstone’s old spot, there are now three separate Brownstone businesses.  There is the Red Room, a wine bar, Keys, a piano bar, and the Brownstone Café.

 Cindy and I went to visit the Brownstone Café on a Tuesday night.  It was obvious when we walked in that they might not quite be open, and sure enough we were met by General Manager, Pascal, who told us that he is serving customers that come in, but they are in a soft opening phase (the kitchen had been open only 6 days), were finishing up some final construction details and have not done any publicity yet.  We found ourselves at 7:30 on Tuesday as the only diners in the restaurant.  He says things will be ready to go full tilt in a week and he then had the server seat us. 

 We were given a choice between a casually elegant dining room, an outdoor patio table or one of 6 covered cabanas.  We chose one of the middle outdoor cabanas overlooking the patio . . . .


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