Ocean’s Ceviche for TopThisPlace

Cindy and I managed to get to another local restaurant for lunch this past weekend.  This time we visited Ocean’s Ceviche on West Alabama and shot photos and wrote a review for Top This Place.  We really enjoyed the food, the restaurant itself and the margaritas.  Below is a short excerpt from the review.

Ocean’s has been open for just less than a year.  As a restaurant in my immediate neighborhood, I have heard mixed reactions to the place.  I have been dying to try it, since I love Ceviche, and Top This Place gave me the perfect reason to explore the restaurant and their menu.

We visited Ocean’s on a sweltering hot Saturday afternoon for lunch.  We knew the lunch crowd on a Saturday would be light and give us a chance to photograph the interior spaces without intruding too much on the dining experience of others.  There were two tables with customers when we arrived at high noon on the dot.

The restaurant is in a large, old home (not too dissimilar to Columbe D’Or).  The downstairs dining room is a white linen, contemporary space with seating for about 50 to 60.  There is also an equally large space upstairs, but with lounge furniture and sofas rather than dining tables.  There is a bar both upstairs and downstairs.  Additionally, the patio was huge and inviting with large oaks, patio furniture and lots of large fans.



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