Flight to Harlingen, TX

While the summer has been at times really slow, it has at other times been really busy with long term projects.  One of those projects includes my long term involvement with the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas.  The Colonel of the Air Wing at MMA asked me to come down and install two walls of photos and posters before the start of the Fall Semester.  The drive down to Harlingen from Houston is about 5 hours if you make good time.  The thought of a 10 hour round trip for a 2 hour installation was not very appealing.  So, I spoke to the Colonel and he said he would send a plane for me at no cost to me.

Well, how awesome is THAT!?  I was told to meet Ken at the Sugarland Regional Airport and fly with him down south.  I was willing and ready on Monday morning to board my flight.  I was told that I’d be flying in a six seat Bonanza and I couldn’t wait!  I saw all kinds of cool private jets and was ready to fly in the lap of luxury.  However, when the pilot arrived, I was not quite ready for what I saw behind the jets on the tarmac.  I saw how small the plane was that he sent to pick me up in and I immediately got a bit nervous.  I’ve never flown in anything smaller than a 737.

Ken was an awesome pilot and we had a great time, but I can tell you that someone 6’6″ tall isn’t built for flying in a Bonanza.  I took some video of the flight on my Flip and created the very short video below.  We saw some awesome sights in a way that you can’t see on a commercial flight.  Corpus Christi Bay, the Laguna Madre, the windmill fields near the coastal bays and finally ending in the landing at Harlingen International Airport.  It was certainly an adventure and I was grateful to be on the ground.  If you’ve never flown on a private plane before, take a look at this video and see what it was like from the pilot’s seat!

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