August and September heat means business!

The only thing more brutal than the heat in Texas over the past several weeks has been our schedule here at STP Images.  Since my last post, we’ve shot SIXTEEN events, four professional headshots, two sessions of Executive Portraits, a couple of high school seniors, a group portrait of the Choir at St. Anne’s Catholic Church, a food shoot and interior shoot for a restaurant ad in Houston Modern Luxury, a commercial shoot for St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and one family session.  It has been a steady diet of shoot, dump, edit, shoot, dump, edit, shoot, dump, edit.

It’s nice to be able to come up for air a bit and I thought I’d update the website today with a few images from our recent work at St. Anne’s Catholic Church.  We were first asked to come in and take an updated photo of the entire choir, so we jumped at the chance to take the large group photo.  We set up the shoot on a weeknight just before a practice and had everyone gather in the sanctuary for the portrait.  Matt, who works for the church, helped me herd the group into properly sized rows while I set up the strobe lights just out of view of the camera lens.  I then climbed into the organ loft up a narrow, twisting staircase with my tripod and started shooting.  We loved the colors and the sharpness of the images.

Matt then had me shoot him at the church organ for a CD cover that will be used on an upcoming album the choir will be releasing.  We were also asked to come into the practice room and shoot the choir in rehearsal.  All of these images are being used on their soon to be released CD.  Take a look at a few of the sample shots from that night and let us know if we can help you with your corporate portraits or PR photos.  Our schedule is filling fast and we’d love to add you to it!


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