Jackee’s portrait session

We love our past clients.  We love the work we’ve done for them and the way they display our images and prints.  We especially love the fact that they are AWESOME at referring people.  We have several past clients who are world class referrers. 

Today’s highlighted client was referred to us by Maidie Ryan (who simply rocks).  She sent a good friend of hers to us for a portrait session.  Jackee wasn’t looking for a full blown vanity session, but did want some flattering and professional images for use at work and on Facebook.  Jackee came to us with a couple of great ideas for her images.  It really helps us when that happens.  Frequently, people come in not really knowing what they want – not Jackee.  She asked for a blurred blue light background and some natural light images that would be beautiful and useful for multiple purposes.

I went to work on the concept and found just the right settings, lights and backgrounds for her session.  All the work was done in our Museum District Studio and we both loved the results.  Take a look at Jackee’s images and if you like them, find us on Facebook and “like” us.  If you’re needing to update your headshots or if you need new professional portraits or if you simply want to indulge yourself with some beautiful portraits, give us a call in the studio.  Our calendar stays fairly full, but we can always make room for you if you mention that you came to us as a result of reading this post on our website.  We want to hear from you soon!

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