Childs Family Canvas Grouping

Thanksgiving just recently passed and we are most thankful for our great clients and our ever increasing family portrait business.  One of our best clients recently purchased a canvas grouping from us.  We shot Colonel Childs of the MMA Air Wing in Harlingen, TX with his wife, Adele, and his daughter on the MMA campus as Phase I of his family portrait session.  A few weeks later, Col. Childs had us visit his Lake Jackson home to complete Phase II of the family portrait session by shooting him with Adele and their two four-legged family members.

After processing both sets of files, they reviewed the images and were hard pressed to choose a single one for a wall portrait.  Cindy and I suggested a small grouping of 4 gallery wrapped canvases to allow for four separate images to be displayed in a 24″ x 32″ wall space.  We made two small canvases of each of their much loved dogs, a slightly larger horizontal canvas of the family without the dogs and a large anchor canvas was of Col. Childs and Adele.

As business has been really booming for us lately and both Col. Childs and Adele had significant travel plans over the next few weeks, the only date we all had availability to install the grouping was on Thanksgiving Day.  As part of  any STP Images canvas grouping purchase, we custom insall the canvases in the client’s home or office to ensure perfect spacing and appropriate location.  We were happy to accomodate on Thanksgiving – it seemed most appropriate for one of our best long term clients.  Thanks again, Col. Childs!

We created a brief video of our installation process and thought it would be a fun way to show how we go about ensuring that our clients are thrilled with our work and customer service.  Take a look at the short 2 minute video below and let us know if you or your family would be interested in discussing a family portrait session with an impactful canvas grouping.  Call today!

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