Camille and Jasmine

Can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post.  As a family, we were really able to slow down a bit and enjoy some great family time.  After our son got home from Ole Miss for the winter break, we headed to the beaches and the town of Cabo San Lucas over the Christmas week and enjoyed holiday favorites like tacos (octopus, snapper, shrimp, marlin, shark) and limonadas from every stand we could stop by.  Got some much needed vitamin D from the daily sun and now we’re recharged and ready for 2012.

We’ve been a little pressed for time and neglected posting here lately, but we’ll fix that starting today with images from some our favorite sessions from the final months of 2011.

Today, it’s Camille and Jasmine’s turn.  Camille’s Mom wanted some studio shots of both Camille and their oldest family pet, Jasmine.  They came by the studio with multiple outfits, Camille, Jasmine, some dog treats and they were ready to go.  Camille was one of the easiest subjects I’ve ever shot.  She was so sweet and did everything we asked of her without complaining.  She withstood a 90 minute session and never flinched.  Because of her calm and fun demeanor, her images are spectacular and we hope they are enjoyed for a lifetime.  Take a look at a few samples below.  Wouldn’t you love to see your little one(s) captured forever before they get too old?  Call us in the studio to book your session today!

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