Houston Modern Luxury, Cadillac and RDG

I have shot multiple projects for Houston Modern Luxury over the past few years.  We love being able to see our work published frequently in their pages.  We have photographed business owners, chefs, food, commercial interiors and even a few events.

Back in early February, we were offered a year long project to photograph top chefs here in Houston.  The project also required a single image of a plate of the chef’s choice.  These portraits and food images are going to be used in a national ad campaign.  Cadillac will recognize, in each major U.S. market, the top local chefs with a two page spread in each month’s publication that highlights the chef’s portrait, the images of his or her plate of choice and a brief biography.

Our first assignment was Robert Del Grande of RDG Bar Annie on Post Oak.  Robert is credited with developing Southwestern Cuisine in the 1980’s.  He earned a James Beard Award in 1992 and is on Food & Wine’s Honor Roll of American Chef’s.  He is a culinary icon and we were thrilled to be able to photograph him.  We stopped by on an afternoon a few weeks ago and caught him as he finished a video interview (for a televised component of the very same Cadillac ad campaign).  We still had some good natural light in a few spots and an empty restaurant – we were happy with the results.  Check out a few of our favs from the session – enjoy.

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