Mable’s gift to her family

Last year, Mable was one of our interns and we spent six weeks getting to know her and the others in our Intern Class of 2011.  She was a great sport and showed a lot of personality in her senior photo shoot.  I have even run into Mable a time or two during some volunteer hours I spent at Bellaire High School this year.

The last time we saw each other, she said she wanted to talk to me about giving her Mom a portrait as a Christmas gift.  So, we discussed what her ideas were and we set a date to do a short studio shoot with her Mom and her sister, Megan.  Her goal was to get one solid portrait of the three of them together since they didn’t have anything professional or current.

We scheduled the session for mid January.  Since it was a little cool outside, we opted to shoot everything in the studio.  Mable wanted a happy, fun feel to the portrait and we had a blast capturing them.  Mable’s sister, Megan, was a little nervous, but after a few minutes she warmed right up.  Take a look at a couple of our favs from the session.

Our Spring calendar is filling quickly.  Ping us in the studio and let’s talk about some portraits for you and your family.

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