Layla and Nola

We were really happy to get the phone call a few weeks ago from Robert and Nicole. They had purchased an STP Images Photography Studio gift certificate at a local silent auction and were ready to schedule a session. At first, I figured this would be a family session, but Nicole let me know that we would only photograph her youngest two daughters – Nola is 22 months and Layla is 9 months. It had been over a year since Nola had professional portraits done and Layla was due for her first ever session.

We discussed their options for using the STP Images Studio versus their home and we chose the home to put the girls most at ease during the session. It really paid off as we captured some really beautiful and emotional images of them both in their home and back yard. We used an equal mix of natural light and strobes with softboxes to offer the most variety to the look and feel of the final images. It was really difficult to cull the set of images down to a reasonable number.

Take a look at a few of our faves from their session below. Let us know if you have someone special that could use a professional portrait session. They make great gifts – either to yourself or to a friend. Call us or email us to book your session today!

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