Sarah’s Senior Portraits

We have been almost exclusively shooting high school senior sessions over the past few weeks.  We have painstakingly planned and shot 26 seniors recently, which is great news, but leaves us little time to post anything on this website.  We change that today and we are happy to be able to post another senior between editing portrait sessions in Photoshop.

Say hello to Sarah.  Sarah is a student at Bellaire High School and is on the yearbook staff there.  With her creative eye from her work with the yearbook staff, we were able to come up with a shoot plan that rocked.  We really lit it up in the studio after capturing some great natural light stuff around the Montrose.

It is NOT TOO LATE if you haven’t yet done your senior portraits.  Don’t settle for being one of the herd going to the “cap and gown mills”.  Companies that sound like Strifetouch or Farfromfreeman just can’t capture the real you like Seniorology.  Your senior photos should be about YOU, not some cookie cutter assembly line idea of ‘contemporary photography’.  Call us or email us today!

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