Nicole’s Senior Portraits

Caught myself slacking on my senior posting again.  So, let’s post another high school senior today.  Say hello to Nicole.

Nicole is a student at St. Agnes Academy and wanted a full blown rock star session.  We planned an elaborate travel plan to get the entire shoot done in under 2 hours – and we had our work cut out for us.  We started at Ervan Chew Park in the Montrose District.  After locating some really great spaces to get some combo images of urban and green space, we moved to the new and upscale Fairmont Apartments and got some fun shots in the fountain out front.  We were feeling a bit edgy, so we then moved literally into the street (after waiting for traffic to pass, obviously) to get the shot of the day using one of the bridges spanning US59 in the background.  Using a shallow depth of field lens, we captured a very iconic image – so much so that it is used as Seniorology’s quarter page ad in the May issue of Houston Magazine!  We then moved back into the air conditioned comfort of the Seniorology Studio and finished with some 70’s inspired shots.

Take a look at a few of our faves from the session below.  It is NOT TOO LATE if you haven’t yet shot your senior portraits.  Don’t settle for being one of the herd going to the “cap and gown mills”.  No one can capture the “real” you like Seniorology.  Your senior photos should be about YOU, not about what some grumpy old dude at some cookie cutter assembly line “school specialist” photo mill thinks is cool or even your uncle with a “cool new camera”.  Call us or email us today!

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